Teardown: Gong

Before we start...

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A Detailed Teardown of Gong

Every month, I tackle a landing page teardown to give you an idea of how the best brands on the planet are displaying information online.

If you've ever spent a second on LinkedIn, you've heard about Gong.

But does Gong have high-end landing page chops?

We'll dive deep on this one.

Finer details about the website:

  • B2B, best for sales teams
  • Their goal is to book demos
  • Currently valued at over $7B after their Series E last year
  • Founded in 2015 and grew on the back of organic content

Now let's see what we can learn from their home page...

Hero 🦸‍♀️

What works

  1. Unique headline, but eventually you get context about the benefit (Fuel your revenue).
  2. Action-based subheader that reinforces the main headline and flows into a solid call to action.
  3. Avoids generic CTA language (like "Learn More" 🤢).
  4. A discrete "See it in action" button – this is innovative and gives you a chance to dive right into more content instead of jumping into form fillouts.
  5. Extremely crisp navigation that is easy to skim and use.

What to test

  1. With so many contrasting colors on the page, it definitely looks bright and fun. But it also makes it hard to see the focal points on the page without thinking too much (CTA namely). A more minimal approach could be interesting for conversion.
  2. The graphic is nice, but I have no clue who this is or how this moves the story along for me. Product imagery could potentially add more context and tell a better story.
  3. This nav bar CTA mimics the format of the CTA in the Hero, but it uses different copy. Not sure if these are the same, related, or totally different? Worth a test to see how people interact with these fields differently and make adjustments accordingly.
  4. No social proof is visible above the fold. This isn't necessarily a requirement, but it almost always helps strengthen the conversion of a page or section.

Explainer Section 🤖

What works

  1. Creative copy in the headline helps the story from section to section flow at a skim.
  2. Finally some social proof! This does a great job at highlighting real-life numbers through a lens of how it benefits the customer.
  3. The CTA here exists, but it knows its place as a secondary link. It doesn't take the same amount of space or visual bandwidth as the primary CTA to book a demo.

What to test

  1. Would love to see the use of color or highlighting here to emphasize critical words (like SCIENCE, which clearly stands out).
  2. The colors in this section are too bright, so they may not come across as accessible for people with visual impairments.
  3. There's a lot of white space on the right side of the section, but that doesn't really draw eyes to any other specific element very well. Everything is just bunched up to the left.

Benefits Section 👑

What works

  1. You have options to sort through. You don't have to view a cluster of info all at once, you can just select what you want to know more about and roll with it.
  2. This answers one of the big questions about the product: what's in it for me. The answer? Your sales team is going to win.
  3. Great testimonial with a face to the name, solid quote, and the ability to read even more about Stephen's experience with Gong.

What to test

  1. The header copy of this section is vague. This doesn't really tell me much of a story or instill confidence.
  2. This section is supposed to talk about helping sales teams (emphasis on the plural there) win, yet it only showcases one sales team. A slider may work well here.
  3. I like the sentiment behind the "Learn more" CTA, but I still don't like the vague copy.

Ratings Section ⭐️

What works

  1. High value social proof. Can't really beat this (as long as you're telling the truth).
  2. Solid stats to back up the company's success of getting customer's results.
  3. Not just G2 ratings! There's a slider that goes through all kinds of awards, which is refreshing honestly.

What to test

  1. Wasted opportunity for a strong CTA to "Book a demo and see what the hype's about".
  2. once again, the colors aren't highly accessible.

Final CTAs ☎️

What works

  1. I like the idea of having options here to make the site as self-serve as they can, while still having a demo requirement.
  2. Graphics are on brand and definitely draw attention.

What to test

  1. When you have 3 options, you often take 0 actions. I'd still prefer a minimal approach to the final CTA here.

Parting Thoughts 💭

  1. The site is beautifully crafted and looks great
  2. There are no true Benefits or Features sections on this site. While I'd still love to see some of that context on the home page, I understand why it isn't here for Gong. Once the company offers enough solutions, it doesn't make sense to lump them all into one spot.
  3. The branding is strong, but product imagery is really lacking. This is clearly by choice, but there is a lot of context being left on the table.
  4. Social proof for Gong is off the charts, but not highlighted above the fold.
  5. For a team that does a really good job eliciting emotions from their content, the website doesn't really accomplish the same for me.

That’s all, folks!

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