Turn attention into value

Everybody wants to build an audience.

We all think that if we just had those 10k followers, everything would change.

And in some ways that's true.

But you still need to execute. You still have to make the most of the following you've built. You need to know what moves to make.

An audience is not a silver bullet.

It's the ticket to an airplane ride that takes you to the general vicinity of where a silver bullet can be found.

If you think for one second that simply having 10k followers changes anything, you'll be disappointed when you get there.

The change happens based on what you make happen.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Know "why" you want an audience to begin with (get a job, snag more consulting clients, make digital products, etc)
  2. Fall in love with the process of creating content for your audience (if this is the only thing you leave the experience with, you've already won)
  3. Decide upfront what you want to build for your audience that is valuable
  4. Build systems for accomplishing the main "why" once you have a bigger audience
  5. Execute

An audience can absolutely change your life.

You just need a game plan to make it happen.