Traffic from scratch


Can’t live without it.

So you go on to the ol’ Googlé and fire up a search:

And all the advice you see on those results looks a lot like this:

  • Create better content
  • Build a following on social media
  • Get backlinks to increase authority
  • Write better headlines
  • Guest post on other blogs

Blah blah blah blah blaaaah.

You’re looking for a method that gets you traffic when you’re starting from 0 — but all the advice is for people with all those perfect building blocks already in place.

I can only speak to what I know works, so here is a method that actually works and doesn’t require all that stuff above.

I call it The Social Tripwire method.

Let’s teach ya how to use it…

Here’s what it looks like

The Social Tripwire leverages social media (don’t worry, you don’t need a big following at all) to generate some intrigue.

The system works like this:

You build a content asset that is super awesome.

You promote that asset on social (using the script below) to pique interest.

You DM people who interact with the social post.

The DM holds the link to your site, so people click straight through.

You get more traffic (and emails if you want)!

Step 1: Build an Asset

This can really be anything. My only recommendation is to make the asset something that normally would be worth paying for.

Make it so good it is totally worth the click.

You may choose to make a(n):

  • eBook
  • free tool
  • free course
  • video series
  • audio series
  • content hub
  • checklist
  • cheatsheet
  • infographic
  • Notion template

The WHAT it is doesn’t matter. The HOW GOOD it is matters a lot more.

You do want this to be completely digital, though, so you can store it on your site.

Step 2: Publish It on Social

You’re not going to just add a link to a post and publish it.

That wouldn’t really get you anywhere.

Your job here is to generate some interest, make people curious, and get them to ask YOU for the asset.

And you don’t need an audience to make this work.

If the offer is good enough and you make it very clear just how FREE this is, you should get some engagement on the post.

People. Love. Free. Stuff.

Now, what should you actually write in the post?

Here is the script I use myself:

HOOK (Strong opening statement that captures attention)

  • Share your personal experience related to the asset you created
  • Relate to your audience

CONTEXT (Points that explain the hook or add more context)

  • List out why someone should care
  • Continue relating to the reader and meet them where they’re at

HELP (I want to help you accomplish XYZ)

  • Present a solution

CTE (Call to Engage)

  • Invite them to like, reply, or share your post
  • If they do, you will DM them the asset for free
  • Do NOT include the link to the asset anywhere in the post

NO RISK (You have nothing to lose because…)

  • Build trust
  • Make them comfortable at least trying it out

And here’s an example of it in action:

And another one:

Step 3: DM the Engagers

There are two main ways to do this:

  1. Manually DM everyone
  2. Set up an automation

Either way, you need a quick script to send people.

I usually keep it extremely short and to the point:

Hey hey! Thanks so much for retweeting. As promised, here is {ASSET}:
Appreciate your support! Here is the asset I promised: — would love to hear your thoughts!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include the link to your asset (I’ve done this before 🤣)

If you do this all manually, I recommend spending 30 minutes DMing all who respond to your tweet in that time. After that, take a break and go back later.

Bonus points if you keep track of it all in a spreadsheet.

If it really goes viral, there’ll be a lot to organize.

If you want to do this automatically, you can use a tool like Tweet Hunter
(this is an affiliate link, and they did sponsor this newsletter, but those are unrelated — I use this tool every day).

This lets you set up an auto-DM function on a tweet (see screenshot).

Step 4: Get Traffic and Collect Emails

If you’re also trying to build your email list (you should), this is a great way to get the traffic to your landing page for signing up.

Once you’ve gotten the traffic, don’t waste it.

Make sure to optimize the site, have a plan for moving people through more of your content, and have clear offers on your site.

If you aren’t prepared for the traffic, start there first.

But once you’re ready to add fire to your site, the Social Tripwire works better than anything else I’ve personally used.

Want my eyes on your asset?

Reply to this email with the link to your asset and I’ll take a look!

I’m always happy to give feedback for people who are actively building and creating.