The True Weight of Social Proof

A testimonial of your service is always worth more than the monetary value of your service.

Yup, I said it.

This about this:

Situation 1

You sell shoes for $99 a pair and you make one sale.

You've earned $99.

Situation 2

You get a written or video review of your shoes from someone that absolutely loves them.

You embed the testimonial on your website and on the product page.

Every time a new potential customer sees the product, they see that review.

In one month, that social proof convinces 12 people to buy shoes.

You've earned 12 x $99 = $1,188.

Last time I checked, $1,188 > $99.

This is why customer experience is SO important.

You make it easy  to buy your product or service, and collect social proof along the way.

Over time, the value of the testimonial augments the purchasing likelihood of your stuff by at least 2x, usually more.

Put collecting social proof at the center of your marketing strategy for any product or service you launch.

Trust me on this one.