Should you work on your side hustle this weekend?

Everyone goes into the weekend a little bit differently.

Some work the whole week waiting for the final buzzer to sound on Friday.

Some take their work with them well into Sunday evening.

One of those options may seem better than the other to you.

But the real purpose of the weekend is to:

Do things that bring you energy. Period.

That's it.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question:

"Should I work on my side hustle on Saturdays or not?"

If it brings you energy and works with your family schedule, then yes.

If it drains you and feels more like an obligation, then no.

Plain and simple.

This way of thinking should extend well into your regular weekdays, too.

Adding to your energy levels as a professional usually means that you will end up creating more of what you love, and doing so more consistently.