Quitting is a superpower

Nowadays, it’s all about the hustle.

How many hours per day, per week, per month can your work?

How long can you stick to doing something?

Max it out.

But this is, in my opinion, terrible advice.

You see, I contend that quitting is a superpower.

A power that very few have mastered.

Here are some aspects of “quitting” that I value:

  • You spend more time on what matters, and if it stops mattering then you throw it out the window.
  • You identify stressors and waste in your life and avoid burnout by stopping.
  • You take more control over your choices.

Now, I’m not saying that quitting a job or project or habit is always the right answer.

But remember that you have the choice.

And if your choices aren’t bringing clear value to your life, you can opt to remove those choices and insert new ones.

Quitting doesn’t mean giving up.

It means moving up.