Give it all away for free

If I could go back 8 years and give myself one piece of advice, it'd be this:

Give away everything you know for free

I tried to invent new ways of saying things, build new categories, and over-complicate my content for years.

I should have focused all my time on compiling a list of everything I knew (or was actively learning), and sharing that with my audience.

That principle is by far the #1 key to any growth I've experienced.

"But if I give it all away for free, no one will ever pay me for my knowledge."


They'll pay you 10x more often, and 10x more money.

They'll think to themselves "If this is the free stuff they give away, I can't even imagine how valuable their paid stuff must be."

Share what you know.

Share it often.

Share it all.

Then come back and let me know how awesome it went.