A System for Daily Productivity

I'll admit it...

I've been pretty disorganized lately.

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, and the longer you go without fixing it, the worse it feels.

So I've done a thorough review of my habits, routines, and structures.

I noticed that I've been complicating things for myself. Like, way too much.

I had forgotten the golden rule of productivity:

Make it easy for yourself.

Hence (yes that's right, I'm pulling out the H-word for this one), I've revamped my system to make it simpler and easy.

Here it is:

1. Build out a habit tracker in Notion


You can use this template

I'm already in Notion all the time, so I know I will stumble upon this sheet every so often and use it every morning.

Whatever tool you use for tracking habits and routines, stick with it.

Make it easy for yourself.

2. Perform a Daily HGL Exercise

If you've never heard of this, here is a breakdown of how to do it.

Highlight – what is the one big thing you want to accomplish today?

Grateful – what is one thing you are grateful for today?

Let go – what is something you want to stop doing today?

And that's HGL!

I highly recommend writing it down on a physical piece of paper.

This is a great system because it gives you one thing you want to look back on at the end of the day that can be a measure of your success.

It also allows you to reflect on positive things to get you in the right mindset.

And it helps identify no-nos that you want to get out of your life.


3. Memorize your calendar for the day

Ok, you don't really need to memorize it per se.

But know how your time is overlapping with others today.

Know when your availability is blocked out, and when you expect to take breaks.


4. Plot your events, tasks, hopes, and dreams in a task list

I personally am using Todoist for this.

There are dozens of viable options for your task management app.

I use this as an overlap between what's on my calendar, and what's on my mind.

I keep it simple and only use two core sections:

Today and Later.

Here are the different tasks I would add in under Today:

  • Key events today
  • Recurring habits or tasks for today
  • Random ideas to look into
  • Key work tasks
  • Key personal tasks

Make sure to prioritize these tasks and organize them with labels where possible.

As for the Later section, I tend to add:

  • Recurring tasks for beyond today
  • Projects I know I'll need to do, but don't have time for today
  • Future tasks or ideas

Like I said, this is super simple.

Nothing revolutionary here.

But it is helping me start my day with clarity and direction.

Don't over-complicate your days with complex systems.

How do you organize your day?