10x your email list

I was stuck at 150 email subs for months.

I tried everything:

  • Writing better emails
  • Promoting it on social
  • Building weak lead magnets

I almost never got new subscribers.

And if I did, they often dropped off the list within weeks.

But then something clicked.

I found a way to grow quickly and retain those subscribers:

Super Magnets.

Quick definition:

A “super magnet” is a lead magnet that is so good, it normally would cost upwards of $20 or more. But you give it away for free, with a dedication to deliver even more in the future.

Using Super Magnets, I grew my list by 1500 in 3 days.

If I can do it, you definitely can.

Here’s the process:

1. Create an asset

This could be a:

  • Notion template
  • Google Sheet
  • Infographic
  • Calculator
  • Course
  • eBook

Literally anything, as long as it is valuable to your audience.

Make it worth paying for, but completely free.

Consider what the free version would look like, and then ask yourself…

  • How can I make this 10x better?
  • What depth of knowledge can I add to this?
  • What would make this worth paying for?

It’s important to deliver a supreme product here.

And even more important that you keep it free.

2. Set up a landing page

And make it crazy simple.

Extreme focus on the free offer. No distracting elements.

Write copy that tells a quick story about why you built the asset, why it's helpful, and why they should steal it.

Label the header as "Steal My [ASSET]".

3. Optimize for speed

Point the submission redirect straight to the file so the whole experience takes less than 15 seconds.

You want this to be quick and easy.

Get the asset in their hands as swiftly as possible.

4. Promote across social

Make a post that:

  1. Asks if you want to steal [ASSET]
  2. Tells the "why" behind making it
  3. Invites them to "steal" it You can use this on any social apps you want.
  4. When they reply "steal", send them a DM with the link.

Here is the copy I used:

5. Convert them on the landing page

Your LP should be set up to convert now.

Make sure it is synced up with your email list form.

These people will be highly engaged and very likely to join your list quickly.

*Bonus points for requiring double opt-in.

6. Send a great welcome email

Make sure you have a welcome email set up that:

  • Incentivizes replies
  • Gives immediate value
  • Sets frequency expectations
  • Asks the new sub a question
  • Gets them excited for the next email
  • Gives away another free asset if possible

7. Repeat

When you have another valuable piece of content, try this again.

If you get enough replies that manual DMs are too much, you have two options:

  1. Use a software to automate DMs
  2. Edit the post after the fact with a link to sign up directly